Real Estate is King in Income over Fixed income

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Real Estate is king when it comes to making money. High income earners are buying real estate in record numbers according to Michael Sonnedfeldt, founder of Tiger 21. He says that the record number of ultra rich getting into real estate is because of the low interest rates not making much for investors fixed income. For example how much are you going to make at a bank CD? It doesn’t even cover inflation let alone create income. Buying real estate and making both income and equity is getting great returns.

When your purchasing real estate assets you can really balance out your portfolio if you do it right. We have a multiple areas that you can do this in.

Ohio; We have real estate that you can purchase between $75,000-$150,000 that create a nice ROI and a great equity position. Cuyahoga County is up over 10% this year in home prices. Cleveland Metro has some great areas to purchase and have income in. We also have a great owner carry program that makes you the bank. The returns on equity and income are off the charts. There are a lot of professionals moving to Cleveland and and they need real estate.

Arizona: Great income area, you can expect 6%-7% ROI and good equity growth. The equity in Phoenix home prices are predicted to grow at about a 6% this year. Phoenix Metro also has a ton of quality renters that need real estate. Prices in Phoenix Metro to enter is around $185,000-$200,000.

Mexico: We have a new resort that we are Luxury building in Rocky Point Mexico. These units are $134,000-$850,000 and all are beach front or have beach views. We also have 2 properties that you can purchase to flip for $200,000 each and will be sold for around $240,000 to an end user. The resort is wanting to finish out the first tower of 101 units and are offering this deal to our clients. They also have a great income resource for their units through their reservation system. These units generate great income and equity. This is this companies 4th resort project.

Real estate is King over fixed income and we can diversify your portfolio with our quality homes and management systems. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty.


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