Homes Sold with Equity

These are properties that I personally done. I was the Realtor on the first two properties. I was the contractor on all of these projects and dealt with all the inspections and negotiations on all these properties. These properties were all profitable and did very well. We can get all the work done and make sure we have a successful sell at the end. 300+ properties and counting..

If you want to flip these types of properties please call Brett 216-703-5740 or Email Me

Sold for $131,000

Sold for $304,900

Sold For $174,900

Sold for $370,000

Sold For $143,900

Sold for $174,900 Under contract in 4 Days

Sold for $130,900 Under contract in 32 days

Sold for $214,000 Under Contract in 1 Day

This Home Sold for $340,000 In Orange Village Sold in 20 Days

This Home Sold for $221,400 in Rocky River Sold in 62 Days

This Property Sold For $215,000 in Strongsville Ohio Sold in 1 Day

This Property Sold for $174,500 in Lakewood Ohio Sold in 39 days

This Property Sold for $136,100 right by railroad tracks in 94 Days

This Property was sold for $240,000 in Orange Ohio sold in 128 Days

This property Sold for $382,000 in Solon Ohio sold in 23 Days

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The founder of Rooftop Profit Max, Brett Young, has been a licensed Realtor and investor for 26 years. He has bought and sold 750 homes, 250 of them for client investors like you. His success is due to several factors: he carefully researches before buying investment property to ensure its profitability; he knows how to rehab homes so their value increases dramatically; and he arranges intelligent financing to make it all happen. In this way, Brett has generated over $6.7 million in profits directly from real estate investing. Brett ensures his investors make money too by personally handling every transaction from start to finish and by promoting only the properties he himself would invest in

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