5 Inexpensive Remodeling Ideas for Your Home and help sell your home

This article comes from http://www.century21.com/ by Andrea Davis and it talks about some great ways to get your home updated or ready to sale that do not cost a fortune. When you are looking to update a home you do not always have to replace something with new. These 6 things help make you home worth more money.

1. Refinish bathtub
If you have a porcelain bathtub that looks a bit worn, the
alternative to replacing it is refinishing the tub. While refinishing is
a long process, it costs less than a new bathtub, about $300 to $1,000
according to ImproveNet.
The process involves getting off all of the dirt and grime and then
sanding it before putting on new layers of paint and primer. It’s a
process that will leave your bathtub looking almost new if you have the
right tools and want to invest at least a day working to refinish it.”

There are many treatments for this, but I use a contractor that has a 3 part process and the tub looks brand new. I recently went into one home that this contractor had refinished a tub 5 years ago, and the tub still looked like brand new. He charges $500-$700 a bathroom, and it is a long lasting effect.

2. Refinish wood floor

Over time wood floors get scuffed, scratched and worn down by foot
traffic in kitchens, living rooms and hallways. While homeowners might
consider replacing parts or the whole wood floor, another option is to
refinish the wood. The DIY approach is to sand down the wood floor and
then re-stain it, which requires a lot of elbow grease and time to
complete. If you want to have a flooring professional do the work, you might pay between $1,500 and $2,000 for wood floor refinishing depending on the square footage”

Refinishing wood floors correctly takes a professional to make beautiful floor. If the floor needs sanded and stained the cost could get up to $4,000. We just did a home in Chagrin Falls and the cost was $1500. It really varies to the condition of the floor. The key is that your home will have the wow FACTOR IF DONE CORRECTLY.

4. Paint cabinets

If paint starts to chip away from your kitchen or bathroom cabinets
because of usage over time, you can take the doors off with a
screwdriver and repaint them or have them professionally finished. This
will save on having to replace the entire cabinet, and you can have them
personalized for the room. If you choose to paint them yourself, be
sure to choose quality paint that can last so you won’t have to go back
and do it again. You also want to be sure and cover the hinges and
knobs. It might be good to consult with a painter ahead of time just in

Most paint companies have a special blend for cabinets, and also adding new hardware really beefs up the look of any kitchen. Go to some open house in higher priced homes that have been remodeled and you will get some great ideas. We have painted cabinets in homes we have sold and it really works well.

“4. Update lighting

For those who want to have a greener home, an inexpensive project is
updating your lights from fluorescent or incandescent to LED. You can go
to your local home improvement or big-box store and purchase LED bulbs
for around $10 and install them in about any fixture. These will cut
down on your utility bill while giving off the same glow without that
bright, buzzing haze. You can also replace many of your hanging fixtures
with recessed lighting, which can optimize ceiling space but might
require an electrician’s expertise for handling exposed wires.”

Make sure the lights match your decor and get new ones. Probably the cheapest upgrade you can do for a home. Lowe’s has a better selection of lights over Home Depot I think. look around and you will find good deals and get a electrician to install them. We are doing for a client this next week on a newly purchased home that needs new lighting. It brightens up the home and makes your environment nicer.

6. Get new appliances and make sure they match in color and brand. Professionals always make sure that the appliances all match and are of the same brand. Black and Stainless Steel are the more popular ones being used today.

We have all these services already set up for our clients if they need them. Want a new looking home to live in Call me I am Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty ans Playa Azul

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